"Servant Leaders Protect, Secure, Listen and LEAD"

Here in South Mississippi, we raise our families and build our businesses. We work hard and put our faith in family and God. I am humbled to have had the opportunity to represent the great people of Jackson County and the interests of South Mississippi. I’m proud to fight for our true conservative values every day. You work hard and deserve honest and faithful public servants, ones who put you above themselves — not ones who have succumbed to the temptations of power, access and money. I’ve dedicated my time in the Legislature, with God’s help, to being a “servant leader.” “Servant leaders”. . . . . Protect, Secure, Listen and LEAD In short, they sacrifice their natural desires and temptations for the good of those they serve! I didn’t run for the Senate to get rich; rather, it was with a genuine desire to fight to improve the lives and future of all Mississippians. I, as you are, am sick and tired of the self-dealing and self-interest of many of the politicians we see, including our own. I’m also sick and tired of what I see coming out of DC: the socialist agenda and the attacks on our valued institutions, like our law-enforcement and first responders. Together we CAN fight corruption, we CAN help families and small businesses, we CAN fight for those less fortunate, including the unborn, and we CAN demand that public officials serve honorably and truthfully with a servant leader’s heart. With God’s help, I can. With your help, we will.