2022 Legislative Session – Week 7

Here is a recap of a few highlights from this week in my role as State Senator from District 52, as well as updates from our Congressional Campaign. Fulfilling my duties as State Senator will be a top priority for me during this campaign. After all, I took an oath to honorably serve my constituents and the Constitution.

“Never give in–never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense; Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

― Winston Churchill

Celebrated the Krewe of Neptune

Why is Mardi Gras great? It’s about relationships; relationships that transcend politics and divisions. It was an honor to celebrate the Krewe of Neptune this weekend, Queen Venus XXXVII and her family. Being Congressman requires staying connected with those you represent. As Congressman, I will always remain connected & will never forget from where I hail.

Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is the heartbeat of our campaign. Elected officials nowadays continuously put themselves above their constituents. I have always approached my job of representing people with a servant leader mindset, after all, it is what I was elected to do. It is clear that our leadership in D.C. has its own self-serving agenda. If elected as your Congressman, I vow to Protect, Secure, Listen and Lead. Selflessly.

I have been surrounded by good hard working people all my life. With barely a high school education, my great grandfather Ed Poppy Wiggins (featured in this photo) started Wiggins drug store and became mayor of Pascagoula. It is role models like these that have inspired me to lead selflessly.

Watch our servant leadership policy video by clicking HERE to learn more about why I am the right servant leader for South Mississippi.

Attended Fred Haise Statue Dedication

This was a fabulous dedication for a fabulous Biloxian! Astronaut Fred Haise is a true American hero, and this statue recognizes that! It’s an example of why, with the right leadership, vision, and know-how, South Mississippi can be seen as an economic leader of the nation. Click HERE to watch our policy video on economic development.

Met with Pascagoula Mayor’s Youth Council

It was great having the Pascagoula Mayor’s Youth Council visit the state capitol this week. This group of young people’s ambition to get involved and work on their leadership skills will put them on the path of success.

It is critical to be a positive example of what true leadership looks like for our future generations. Click HERE to watch our policy video on making public service attractive to young people.


Speech to Mississippi College School of Law’s Health Law Society

I spoke to Mississippi College School of Law’s Health Law Society about the intersection of health policy and politics, something we have been living with during the pandemic. A big thank you to Dean Patricia Bennett and Dean Jonathon Hill for allowing me to come speak.

Young adults like Hung Nguyen of Biloxi remind me of when I was just a young lawyer and now I am running to be your Congressman. I’m thankful for the lessons I’ve learned at this wonderful institution that have helped me along the way.

Hattiesburg: My Former Teachers!

Having your middle school teachers on your team has got to be a good sign! Hattiesburg natives now, Coach Anthony Ladner and Sharon Ladner were wonderful teachers at Pascagoula Junior High (now Trent Lott Academy). No doubt they influenced my work on early education! Thanks John Burkes for setting up the reunion! Hattiesburg is a special place.

Click HERE to watch our policy video on early education.

The Week Ahead

  • House Bills will be handled in Senate committees
  • Work on BP/GCRF and other appropriations beginning
  • Tax reform plans likely to be considered

Please stay tuned for future blog posts with updates from the legislative session, District 52, community events, and our Congressional campaign. Our campaign is in full swing and as you know, getting our message out takes funding. If you would like to provide financial support, please click the button below.

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