2022 Legislative Session – Week 11

Here is a recap of a few highlights from this week in my role as State Senator from District 52, as well as updates from our Congressional Campaign. Fulfilling my duties as State Senator will be a top priority for me during this campaign. After all, I took an oath to honorably serve my constituents and the Constitution.

“The general limits of your freedom are merely these: that you do not trespass upon the equal rights of others.”

– General/President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Remarks to the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, April 22, 1954

Ingalls At Risk: I Wrote To The Chief of Naval Operations

After reading that Ingalls Shipbuilding’s future could be uncertain with the Navy’s new shipbuilding plan, I wrote a letter on Wednesday to the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations. As the Mississippi State Senator in the District where Ingalls Shipbuilding is located, it demanded that I express my concern over any potential reduction at Ingalls as a result of this shift. I believe large vessels are important to America’s defense and our show of strength abroad. Throughout my service as Senator and in this campaign, I have kept Ingalls front and center as it is that important to the defense of our country, the foundation of South Mississippi and the livelihood of so many hardworking people. Read my full letter by clicking HERE.

Historic Teacher Pay Raise A Reality

I have served on the Senate Education and Appropriations committees since coming to the legislature. So, I was ecstatic when we in the Senate passed the final version of an historic teacher pay raise. One of this magnitude has been a longtime coming, but we made it happen. This is what it means to prioritize and govern, something you will get from me in Congress.

Attended Military One Coast Annual Meeting

I know what truly matters. Our military men and women are what matters, and we support our military here in the 4th district.

It was great to attend the Military One Coast Annual Meeting on Wednesday morning to show my appreciation and commitment to our military installations and hear updates from local military base commanders on current base activities. A great event hosted by the Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce!

A Panelist for “Untapped Potential in MS: How Childcare & Early Education Impact Mississippi's Economy"

When you get things done, you can talk about them. I was thrilled to be invited on Thursday morning to be a part of the panel discussion for “Untapped Potential in MS: How Childcare & Early Education Impact Mississippi’s Economy” hosted by The Children’s Foundation of Mississippi.

I authored Mississippi’s first early education initiative, the Early Learning Collaborative Act of 2013, and now Mississippi is recognized as Top 5 in the country for early education. To make this happen, I fought the status quo and members of my own party in and outside of the legislature. It’s this determination and vision that I will take with me to Congress to make things happen.

Click HERE to watch our policy video on the importance of early education.

Spoke to Phoenix Club of Jackson

On Tuesday I spoke at the Phoenix Club of Jackson’s Monthly Luncheon. This non-profit organization of young professionals is dedicated to fundraising and supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Mississippi. I appreciate all they do for the community in Central Mississippi.

Click HERE to see their post that I am featured in from the luncheon.

Opened St. Jude Fishing Tournament With Morning Prayer

This past Saturday I had the honor of opening the St. Jude Fishing Tournament in Gautier with the morning prayer. Anglers came from all over South Mississippi to participate. God gave us tremendous natural resources and I grew up blessed to enjoy them! I try to do everything I can to honor His gift.

Tour of B&D Plastics

On Friday, I got the chance to tour B&D Plastics in Ocean Springs. This is one of the largest manufacturers of dual-laminate equipment in the United States. We have so many great things going on in South Mississippi that we should be proud of.

Pascagoula Art Sculpture Unveiling

On Friday I attended the unveiling of the first of three sculptures to be placed in downtown Pascagoula. These sculptures are titled “Building Blocks” and were designed and built by students at Pascagoula-Gautier School District’s Career and College Technical Institute. Downtown Pascagoula is on the rise, as well as young talent in South Mississippi.

  • Conference committee work.
  • Finalizing of Appropriations, including BP/GCRF.

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